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This is where you can find posts on a host of topics related to downshifted, tuned in, simple living.

I'm Lisa.  I love words, and writing about things that are meaningful to me.  I really love my kids and husband.  They are among the things most meaningful to me, so they'll likely be featured prominently in posts.  Sometimes I am really organized.  Sometimes my house looks like a tornado blew through it.  I like being outside, but really, only when the weather is agreeable.  I like Facebook and Pinterest, and probably waste too much time there.  I have a B.A., and I used to work with special populations (seniors with Alzheimer's disease, kids with autism), but I don't anymore.  Now, I am making home life my daily pursuit, and trying to find all the joy and fulfillment and gratitude in it that I can. 

I started this blog to celebrate my life, and, in a way, all ordinary lives.  Because what I have come to think of as my ordinary life, really isn't.  I am extraordinarily blessed.  Taking a global perspective, or even just a historical perspective, comparing my life to most of the other lives that have been lived before mine, what I have, and what I have the opportunity to do in my life, makes me undeniably, unbelievably rich.

It is time to focus on richness.  It is time to find freedom from the chase for more, and rest in the peace and joy that can be found in what already is.  A healthy family.  A warm and comfortable home.  Time for creating.  Time for reading, and for visiting with friends.  Small backyard gardening.

Thanks to my sister, Pamela, for this family photo.
I want to show to the world (and to myself) that living within your means does not have to feel like a poor life.  Celebrating what you really have, and taking advantage of all the opportunities that come into ordinary life, can build a life rich with memories, and light on stress.

Come along with me.

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